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Aidence | Inkef

Mark Jan Harte

Digital Health


Aidence is a company that is bringing the full potential of AI into the hands of medical professionals in medical imaging and disease detection. The company was acquired by RadNet in 2022.


Aito | Inkef

Rene de Vries



Aito is a user interface innovator that believes “a product is desirable when its interaction is pleasurable.” Aito’s products are based on patented and award-winning Piezo Sensing and Haptics technology.

Ambagon Therapeutics

Ambagon Therapeutics | Inkef

Christian Ottmann, Luc Brunsveld, Michelle Arkin, Scott Clarke


, Ivan Burkov


Ambagon Therapeutics applies deep knowledge of the 14-3-3 regulatory protein famiy to create “molecular glues” that stabilize 14-3-3:target complexes. These stabilizers amplify native biology to restore or inhibit target function, potentiate target activity, or promote or block target degradation.

Anavo Therapeutics

Anavo Therapeutics | Inkef

Birgit Zech, Gerhard Müller



Anavo Therapeutics is the first biotech company to systematically drug phosphatases, a rich target space previously considered undruggable for decades. With world-leading scientific expertise in phosphatase-driven disease biology and drug discovery, Anavo is working to unlock the full potential of phosphatase-targeted allosteric modulators for oncology applications.

Audion Therapeutics

Audion Therapeutics | Inkef

Rolf Jan Rutten, Helmuth van Es, Albert Edge



Audion Therapeutics is a private biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of drugs and delivery technologies for the treatment of hearing loss.


Baserow | Inkef

Bram Wiepjes

Data, Open Source

, Frank Lansink


Baserow is an open-source, no-code database. As an API-first solution, Baserow can be integrated with every tool needed to build a no-code stack. Baserow is on a mission to build the world’s first open-source, all-in-one, no-code toolchain.


Blendle | Inkef

Alexander Klöpping, Marten Blankesteijn




Blendle is a Dutch online news platform that aggregates articles from a variety of newspapers and magazines and sells them on a pay-per-article basis. The company wants to make the best journalism accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It was acquired by Cafeyn in 2020.


Bloomon | Inkef

Patrick Hurenkamp, Bart Troost and Koen Thijssen




Bloomon, is a subscription-based flower delivery service whose goal is to bring bespoke bouquets from grower to consumer in the fastest way possible by cutting out the traditional supply chain. The company was acquired by Bloom & Wild in 2021.

Calypso Biotech

Calypso Biotech | Inkef

Alain Vicari, Yolande Chvatchko



Calypso Biotech is an immunotherapy biotech company, spin-off from Merck Serono, that discovers and develops monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of immune pathologies with large unmet medical needs. Calypso’s lead program, CALY-002, is a best-in-class therapeutic antibody against interleukin-15.


Cardior | Inkef

Thomas Thum, Claudia Ulbrich



Cardior Pharmaceuticals is pioneering the discovery and development of RNA-based therapeutics designed to prevent, repair and reverse diseases of the heart. Cardior’s therapeutic approach uses distinctive non-coding RNAs as an innovative platform for addressing the root causes of cardiac dysfunctions.


Cashforce | Inkef

Nicolas Christiaen


, Joëlle Frijters


Cashforce helps large enterprises with getting more accurate cash flow forecasts and with managing working capital at a company-wide level while also providing granular insights down to the transaction level by integrating with existing ERP and TMS implementations.


Castor | Inkef

Derk Arts, Rob Konterman, Sebastiaan Knijnenburg

Digital Health, SaaS


Castor is a medical software development company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Founded in 2011 by Derk Arts, their signature programme is a cloud-based electronic data capture platform which enables researchers to easily capture high-quality, reusable medical data.


ChannelEngine | Inkef

Jorrit Steinz

Future of Commerce

, Frank Lansink


ChannelEngine connects seller systems to international marketplaces and sales channels while optimizing sales, minimizing time, and maximizing profit and reach. It offers brands, distributors, and retailers automated order and return systems, an advanced management suite and rich partner ecosystem, to bring their sales to the next level.

Comet Therapeutics

Comet Therapeutics | Inkef

Enej Kuscer




Comet Therapeutics is focused on developing therapies for rare metabolic disorders. It was acquired by VectivBio in 2021.

Corporis Medical

Corporis Medical | Inkef

John Marugg, Alexander Veenhof

Medical Device


Corporis Medical manufacturers APM, a revolutionary device for bowel cancer surgery. It allows measuring blood flow at the anastomosis in a revolutionary new way during surgery, which can help prevent surgical complications and decrease postoperative deaths, intensive care stay & cost.


Crowdynews | Inkef

Edwin Kuipers, Jeroen Zanen



Crowdynews is a social media curation platform that gathers and filters relevant social media content and posts it real time next to topical, popular stories. The service provides publishing organizations with new revenue streams and augments content with social media sources such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo.

Draupnir Bio

Draupnir Bio | Inkef

Simon Glerup, Camilla Gustafsen, Peter Seeberger, Andrew Hotchkiss



Draupnir Bio is a Danish biotechnology company developing small molecule therapeutics to transform the treatment of heart disease, based on proprietary structural insights and the biology of PCSK9, a protein that enables a key step in the control of plasma cholesterol levels.


EclecticIQ | Inkef

Joep Gommers, Raymond van der Velde



EclecticIQ’s mission is to restore balance in the fight against cyber adversaries. Its flagship product enables operationalization of security information exchange, empowers collaborative analyst workflow and ensures timely integration of cyber threat intelligence detection, prevention and response capabilities.


GeoPhy | Inkef

Teun van den Dries, Sander Mulders

SaaS, Real Estate


GeoPhy provides data-driven valuations and analytics for commercial real estate. Its platform uses supervised machine learning and big data to create insights that help drive acquisition due diligence, portfolio monitoring, and site selection for institutional lenders and investors. The company was acquired by Walker & Dunlop in 2022.


GitLab | Inkef

Sid Sijbrandij




GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application, fundamentally changing the way Development, Security, and Ops teams collaborate and build software. GitLab was one of the frontrunners of remote-only distributed teams. The Company was listed on NASDAQ in October 2021.


Happeo | Inkef

Perttu Ojansuu, Antero Hanhirova

Future of Work


Happeo is the community-powered employee communications platform that Internal Communications, HR and leaders use to align and engage talent. Happeo serves customers in every continent and is on a mission to change the way companies communicate internally.

InteRNA Technologies

InteRNA Technologies | Inkef

Roel Schaapveld



InteRNA is a Dutch biotechnology company specializing in the development of RNA therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. The company proprietary technology platform has been developed for discovery and validation of miRNA-based drug candidates for the simultaneous regulation of multiple targets.


Ionctura | Inkef

Cathrine Pickering



iOnctura is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing a pipeline of next generation, differentiated molecules that are at the forefront of pioneering new therapies for the treatment of cancer. The company is developing a series of assets that can uniquely modulate the tumor micro-environment.

Lanthio Pharma

Lanthio Pharma | Inkef

Gert Moll



Lanthio Pharma is a Dutch biopharmaceutical company committed to developing and commercializing lanthipeptides as innovative drugs for treating medical conditions. It was acquired by MorphoSys in 2015.


Lengoo | Inkef

Christopher Kränzler

Enterprise SaaS, Generative AI


Lengoo is a language tech company whose full-stack technology HALOS enables enterprises to build their own custom language models making the most out of their proprietary data while adhering with state-of-the-art IT security standards.

NMD Pharma

NMD Pharma | Inkef

Thomas Holm Pedersen



NMD Pharma is a small molecule drug discovery company that develops novel treatments of neuromuscular disorders. Its approach of blocking ClC-1 improves neuromuscular transmission in a way that is potentially applicable to a range of clinical indications and orphan human diseases that have profound unmet medical need.


NPEX | Inkef

Mark Van Der Plas



NPEX is a fully licensed SME-Exchange in the Netherlands. Unlike traditional exchanges, this auction-based platform enables investors to set a minimum ask price and define the time limits for the bidding process. NPEX focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises looking for growth capital of €500,000 and higher.


NightBalance | Inkef

Eline Vrijland-van Beest, Thijs van Oorschot

Medical Device


NightBalance is a medical device company founded in 2009 and based in Delft, the Netherlands. It developed the Sleep Position Trainer, a proprietary, highly advanced and easy to use device to treat positional obstructive sleep apnea. Nightbalance was acquired by Phillips in 2018.


Onefit | Inkef

Serge Barbander, Camille Richardson

Wellness, Subscription



Founded in 2012, OneFit offers a market-leading subscription service that allows users to attend any local fitness class or gym for a flat monthly fee. Users have access to the largest network of boutique gyms and studios in the Netherlands. The company was acquired by Urban Sport Club in 2019.


Onward | Inkef

Grégoire Courtine, Dave Marver

Medical Device


ONWARD is creating technologies to improve the movement, independence, and health of people with spinal cord injury. The company is based in Eindhoven, NL and Lausanne, CH and has a growing presence in Boston, US. Two of ONWARD’s technologies have been awarded Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA. Onward was listed on Euronext in October 2021.


Polarsteps | Inkef

Maximiliano Neustadt, Koen Droste, Niek Bokkers, Job Harmsen

B2C, Travel

, Bram Ellens


Polarsteps wants to inspire and connect people through travel. It believes that the best way to do that is by creating a place where the entire travel experience is combined within one platform. Its product is used by over 1 million travelers. in 180+ countries.


Precirix | Inkef

Tony Lahoutte, Ruth Devenyns



Precirix is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients by developing novel targeted radiopharmaceuticals using camelid single domain antibody fragments.


ProFibrix | Inkef

Jaap Koopman



ProFibrix is a Dutch biotech company that creates, develops, and markets products for the haemostasis and regenerative medicine markets. It was sold to The Medicines Company in 2013.

Provable Labs

Provable Labs | Inkef

Thomer Gil



Maximum Liquidity with Minimal Disclosure. Provable labs applies secrecy-preserving, secure multi-party computation technology to build trading platforms that allow participants to express their positions and find liquidity without the risk of price slippage.

Quantum Motion

Quantum Motion | Inkef

John Morton, Simon Benjamin




Quantum Motion is developing silicon spin-based qubit architectures which are compatible with standard CMOS fabrication and so provide easier scaling to thousands and millions of qubits.


QurAlis | Inkef

Kasper Roet


Ivan Burkov


QurAlis is developing precision therapeutics for ALS, a terminal disease that causes muscle paralysis through degeneration of the motor system. QurAlis scientist are digging deep into the root causes of the multiple sub-forms of this destructive disease and focus their programs on tackling specific disease-causing mechanisms.


Remote | Inkef

Job van der Voort, Marcelo Lebre

SaaS, Future of Work

Frank Lansink,


Remote is the modern global payroll, tax, HR and compliance solution for distributed teams. Remote enables companies of all sizes to hire anyone, anywhere in the world in minutes. Remote’s mission is to bring remote cultures closer so that people and companies can grow further.

Robin Radar

Robin Radar | Inkef

Siete Hamminga


Frank Lansink


Robin develops innovative radar systems for detection, tracking and classification of small targets, such as drones or birds.

Salvia BioElectronics

Salvia BioElectronics | Inkef

Hubert Martens, Daniel Schobben, Wim Pollet

Medical Device


Salvia Bioelectronics is developing a medical device for chronic headaches. The company is working on a new neuromodulation approach, to provide relief for patients who suffer from debilitating migraines 8 days per month or more.


Sapiens | Inkef

Sjaak Deckers, Hubert Martens and Michel Decré

Medical Device


Sapiens is a Dutch developer of deep brain stimulation (DBS) technologies, an advanced treatment that targets degenerative or functional brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and dystonia. The company was acquired by Medtronic in 2014.

Scenic Biotech

Scenic Biotech | Inkef

Thijn Brummelkapmp, Sebastian Nijman



Scenic Biotech BV is a spinout company of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and Oxford University, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is Scenic Biotech’s mission to harness genetic modifiers to combat disease. The company was founded by Prof Thijn Brummelkamp and Prof Sebastian Nijman.


Sentinels | Inkef

Joost van Houten




Sentinels is an intelligent transaction monitoring solution dedicated to data-driven compliance for the financial industry. With a team of exceptionally talented AI/ML engineers, Sentinels’ pragmatic-AI approach has a proven track record in improving compliance outcomes. The company was acquired by Fenergo in 2022.


Shapeways | Inkef

Peter Weijmarshausen, Marleen Vogelaarm Robert Schouwenburg, Gregory Kress

Marketplace, Manufacturing



Shapeways is the world’s leading 3D printing service and marketplace, empowering designers to bring amazing products to life. By giving anyone the ability to quickly and affordably turn ideas from digital designs into real products, Shapeways is fundamentally changing how products are made and by whom. The Company was listed on NYSE in September 2021.


Silverflow | Inkef

Paul Buying, Robert Kraal, Anne Willem de Vries




Silverflow is a payments technology company, founded by online payments industry veterans, with the mission to accelerate technological innovation in the complex payments value chain. Silverflow’s cloud-based platform provides a state-of-the-art upgrade and direct access to the card networks for payment services providers, merchants and acquirers.

TargED Biopharmaceuticals

TargED Biopharmaceuticals | Inkef

Marc van Moorsel, Steven de Maat, Coen Maas, Kristof Vercuysse



TargED Biopharmaceuticals B.V. is a biotechnology company that develops first-in-class biological drugs to improve treatment of thrombosis. Their technology using small antibodies to deliver enzymes to sites of thrombosis, enabling ‘targeted’ thrombolysis. The lead compound is currently under development for thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and Acute Ischemic Stroke.

Urban Sports Club

Urban Sports Club | Inkef

Moritz Kreppel, Benjamn Roth

Wellness, Subscription

Frank Lansink


Urban Sports Club offers a flexible flat-rate sports membership. Club members can choose from 50+ activities – ranging from classic gym workout, swimming, yoga, or bouldering, to team sports and lots more – and more than 7,000 partner venues across Europe.


VarmX | Inkef

Pieter Reitsma, Jan Ohrstrom



VarmX is a spin out of Leiden University Medical Center. Its lead program is an innovative antidote for life-threatening bleeding in the ever growing number of patients under Factor Xa anticoagulant treatment. VarmX is also developing new technologies to address risks from new classes of anticoagulants.


ViCentra | Inkef

Frans Cromme

Medical Device


ViCentra has developed an insulin pump for diabetes patients. The company aims to create a user-friendly device designed to provide diabetes patients with greater freedom in their day-to-day lives.


Wercker | Inkef

Micha “Mies” Hernandez van Leuffen

SaaS, DevOps



Wercker is a continuous delivery platform focusing on changing the way developers build and deploy their applications. Its platform was built in order to make developers’ lives easier and enabling them to move fast and make things. The company was acquired by Oracle in 2017.


Withlocals | Inkef

Marijn Maas, Willem Maas, Bas Visser, Ronald Crooy, Matthijs Keij

Marketplace, Travel


Withlocals is an online marketplace for travelers and locals to connect. The platform lets locals create personal and unique travel experiences for travelers, earn their fair share by doing what they love, and gives travelers authentic experiences and stories to share with their friends and families.

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