Conceived to engage an ongoing conversation on the role of photography and its potential to affect and inform public discourse, Inkef’s collection brings together the work of a diverse group of talented image-makers. The selected photographs explore the power of documentary photography across a wide range of practices, styles and subjects. This collection is about emerging visions, newer approaches and visual thinking that may inspire us, challenge our preconceived notions about reality and – possibly – affect a shift in perspective.

Ada Sbriccoli | Inkef

Photography curator
Ada Sbriccoli

Photo Irmina Walczak and Sávio Freire | InkefPhoto Irmina Walczak and Sávio Freire | Inkef

Retratos pra Yayá (Portraits for Yayá) is a collection of photographs documenting the lives of their children over three years, an immersive journey that takes us back to a childhood free of technology and close to nature. Portraits of brotherhood and complicity that celebrate the life that runs slowly and the freedom to play and experiment.

Photo Galina Tribushnyaya | InkefPhoto Galina Tribushnyaya | Inkef

Taken on the rooftops of Moscow, this image celebrates life through dance. It is part of a series that explores social ties and the power to make our own decisions. Creative photography and performing arts become tools to reflect on what is meaningful to each of us. Often people give up their passions and devote their life to unloved jobs. Dance shows that it's never too late to make the right choice and to live a happier life.

Photo Camilo Leon | InkefPhoto Camilo Leon | Inkef

Maryse, 83, was born in Marseille. In 1969, she moved with her husband Michel to Sarcelles, a suburban city in the north of Paris. In August 2017, Michel passed away. Since then, Camilo has been spending some time with her. At home, she mourns while emptying the apartment of various objects. When they are together, Maryse and Camilo remember Michel; they talk about life, death, and absence. In a sense, they became confidants of secrets, fears, and anecdotes. They replaced their respective solitudes - he as a migrant, she as a widow - within stories and dreams.
The Fume of Sighs is a story about life, absence, love, and friendship. It documents the uncertain experience of being alone and the alchemy of an unpredicted encounter.

Photo Francesca Alvandi | InkefPhoto Francesca Alvandi | Inkef

On a warm summer’s day with close to zero wind, calm swells and crystal-clear waters, Francesca flew over Tamarama beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Captivated by the spattering of people perfectly spaced apart on the beach with their colorful towels and umbrellas, she took this shot from a height of around 100 meters.

Photo Stephanie Gengotti | InkefPhoto Stephanie Gengotti | Inkef

Circus love, is a long-term project started in 2016 on 'Nouveau Cirque', also known as contemporary circus. A story on nomadic families that live traveling the world and performing in international street art festivals, offering their show to those ready to perceive wonder and beauty. It is a joyous scream of rebellion to reaffirm the human dimension, to highlight the priority and the need to recover a sense of sharing, of family, the ability to do things with our hands, as well as to rediscover a relationship with Nature.

Photo Francesca Todde | InkefPhoto Francesca Todde | Inkef

With A Sensitive Education she explores, through the figure of bird educator Tristan Plot, the possibilities of empathy between different natural species. The narrative, far from being a naturalist documentation, is rather focused on the emotional sphere and sensitivity of birds and humans. The photographic research develops in resonance with the delicacy of this wordless dialogue.

Photo Ingeborg Everaerd | InkefPhoto Ingeborg Everaerd | Inkef

Mare is a thirteen-year-old girl and at first glance she looks like all girls at that age. But it is different at Mare’s home. She has a brother with a progressive and life-threatening muscle disease. Simple gestures and daily activities are not always possible or easy. Mare tries to help out where she can because she loves her brother but also because she sees her parents struggle. As every 13-year-old, she wants to hang out with her friends and have fun. It will never be easy, but the bond with her parents and brother is strong and warm and offers her great comfort.

Photo Fuco Reyes | InkefPhoto Fuco Reyes | Inkef

Questioning the boundaries between reality and imagination, his contemplative vision examines the process of change and the passing of time. His dreamlike landscapes interrogate time and space in an attempt to access inner territories.

Photo Forrest Walker | InkefPhoto Forrest Walker | Inkef

Followed online as the Major City/100 City Project, Forrest’s largest work had him walking over 20 km/day for five years, as he explored and photographed all aspects of big city life solo on foot, finding small worlds within each major city, while connecting the whole world through its people and life. 

This image was made in Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA at Pershing Square during his 5-year work photographing life in over 100 major cities across 77 countries. A young man practices jumps with friends at Pershing Square, caught mid-air framed between its colorful walls.

Photo Giorgio Barrera | InkefPhoto Giorgio Barrera | Inkef

In the series Through the Windows the photographer’s curious and indiscreet gaze turns towards the windows of the neighbors across the street, inviting the viewer to look through his own eyes and accentuating the process of identification with these situations of domestic intimacy.