Amanda Stenbaek

Amanda Stenbaek | Inkef
My journey

Before joining INKEF, Amanda worked as an analyst in the healthcare team of M Ventures, corporate VC fund of Merck KGaA. Amanda is a medical doctor by training, having studied both her MBBS and BSc in Surgery & Anaesthesia at Imperial College London before working as an Academic Foundation Doctor in London. She also holds an MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Cambridge. Amanda enjoys reading and listening to podcasts, cooking new recipes and learning how to make things from scratch.

One fact

Everyone who knows me knows I am accident prone, but not everyone knows that a gymnastics accident and broken arm led to me being the face of NHS day surgery in (highly reputable) newspapers including the Daily Mail and the Sun. This experience first sparked my still going interest in healthcare, despite not quite being the face of the NHS (yet).

Calypso Biotech | Inkef

Calypso Biotech is an immunotherapy biotech company, spin-off from Merck Serono, that discovers and develops monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of immune pathologies with large unmet medical needs. Calypso’s lead program, CALY-002, is a best-in-class therapeutic antibody against interleukin-15.

Cardior | Inkef

Cardior Pharmaceuticals is pioneering the discovery and development of RNA-based therapeutics designed to prevent, repair and reverse diseases of the heart. Cardior’s therapeutic approach uses distinctive non-coding RNAs as an innovative platform for addressing the root causes of cardiac dysfunctions.

Comet Therapeutics | Inkef

Comet Therapeutics is focused on developing therapies for rare metabolic disorders. It was acquired by VectivBio in 2021.

Scenic Biotech | Inkef

Scenic Biotech BV is a spinout company of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and Oxford University, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is Scenic Biotech’s mission to harness genetic modifiers to combat disease. The company was founded by Prof Thijn Brummelkamp and Prof Sebastian Nijman.

ViCentra | Inkef

ViCentra has developed an insulin pump for diabetes patients. The company aims to create a user-friendly device designed to provide diabetes patients with greater freedom in their day-to-day lives.