Carien Beyer

Senior Associate
Carien Beyer | Inkef
My journey

Carien is based in London and responsible for sourcing and executing new Technology investments and supporting portfolio companies. Prior to Inkef, Carien worked at Edenred Capital, an independent CVC fund backed by the Edenred group, and before that at True Capital, a retail and consumer investment and innovation firm. Carien also worked within the marketing, procurement and innovation departments for some of the largest beauty groups including the Estée Lauder Companies and LVMH, as well as being part of the team that built up tech start-up Ruuby, as Director of Operations. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family & friends and is an advocate of increasing diversity in the start-up and VC ecosystem.

One fact

Despite having left the Netherlands more than a decade ago, I am still a true Dutch. In fact, I once decided to build my own bicycle from scratch due to the lack of proper Dutch bicycles in London, which actually turned out well. People often approached me on the road to ask whether the bicycle was for sale as they thought it was a real collector’s item…

Lengoo | Inkef

Lengoo is a language tech company that supercharges human translators with AI technology. It custom-trains neural machine translation models for its clients using their own data. Lengoo’s language models learn all about the enterprise’s individual way to communicate and produce high-quality machine translation.

Provable Labs | Inkef

Maximum Liquidity with Minimal Disclosure. Provable labs applies secrecy-preserving, secure multi-party computation technology to build trading platforms that allow participants to express their positions and find liquidity without the risk of price slippage.