Cher Shen Kiar

My journey

Cher joined Inkef in February 2023. Prior to this, Cher received his BSc in Biochemistry from UCL and MRes from King’s College London. He had three years of R&D experiences driving biomedical projects for basic research and early phase drug discovery. His most recent research involved developing transcription factor-based methods for rapid reprogramming of human tissue macrophages from induced pluripotent stem cells for therapeutic purposes. During this time, he has also won grants for his macrophage engineering project and have published in top-tier journals including Nature and Stem Cell Reports.

One fact

I was born into a coffee family in a tiny Malaysian town. I practically inhaled coffee growing up at my grandparents’ house, which also doubled as a roasting factory. The daily aroma of the roasted beans may be the reason behind my early caffeine obsession and our family’s modest stature.

Anavo Therapeutics | Inkef

Anavo Therapeutics is the first biotech company to systematically drug phosphatases, a rich target space previously considered undruggable for decades. With world-leading scientific expertise in phosphatase-driven disease biology and drug discovery, Anavo is working to unlock the full potential of phosphatase-targeted allosteric modulators for oncology applications.

Cardior | Inkef

Cardior Pharmaceuticals is pioneering the discovery and development of RNA-based therapeutics designed to prevent, repair and reverse diseases of the heart. Cardior’s therapeutic approach uses distinctive non-coding RNAs as an innovative platform for addressing the root causes of cardiac dysfunctions.

Onward | Inkef

ONWARD is creating technologies to improve the movement, independence, and health of people with spinal cord injury. The company is based in Eindhoven, NL and Lausanne, CH and has a growing presence in Boston, US. Two of ONWARD’s technologies have been awarded Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA. Onward was listed on Euronext in October 2021.

Salvia BioElectronics | Inkef

Salvia Bioelectronics is developing a medical device for chronic headaches. The company is working on a new neuromodulation approach, to provide relief for patients who suffer from debilitating migraines 8 days per month or more.