Daniela Begolo

My journey

Daniela is a member of the Healthcare team. Prior to Inkef, she was an Analyst at M Ventures, corporate VC of Merck KGaA, looking into oncology therapeutics. Before entering the investment world, Daniela worked in academic research at Heidelberg University, focusing on drug target deconvolution of small molecules in eukaryotic parasites. She obtained her PhD in molecular biology thanks to a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Fellowship, and she holds BSc and MSc in Biotechnologies from University of Padova. Outside of work, Daniela spends time trying new food (which she constantly talks about with the rest of the team), travelling and attending live events.

One fact

As anyone who met me knows, I have a very distinct and often contagious laughter. What people might not realize is that it sounds like a sea lion call. It became clear while traveling where many sea lions live. The sea lions appeared to actively answer to me, leading to further laughing and escalating responses, to the bewilderment of bystanders.

Anavo Therapeutics | Inkef

Anavo Therapeutics is the first biotech company to systematically drug phosphatases, a rich target space previously considered undruggable for decades. With world-leading scientific expertise in phosphatase-driven disease biology and drug discovery, Anavo is working to unlock the full potential of phosphatase-targeted allosteric modulators for oncology applications.


Ionctura | Inkef

iOnctura is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing a pipeline of next generation, differentiated molecules that are at the forefront of pioneering new therapies for the treatment of cancer. The company is developing a series of assets that can uniquely modulate the tumor micro-environment.


VarmX | Inkef

VarmX is a spin out of Leiden University Medical Center. Its lead program is an innovative antidote for life-threatening bleeding in the ever growing number of patients under Factor Xa anticoagulant treatment. VarmX is also developing new technologies to address risks from new classes of anticoagulants.