Estelle Botbol

Estelle Botbol | Inkef
My journey

Estelle holds an M.Sc. in Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology from Imperial College London and a B.Sc. in Microbiology and Immunology from McGill University. She completed research internships in neuro-ecology, immunology, cancer metastasis and antibiotic discovery. Before joining Inkef, she co-founded and directed a start-up called Nanoshield in the Imperial College Enterprise Lab. Her team developed a dragonfly-inspired nanomaterial to protect implants from resistant bacteria. Her team won the RG Young Entrepreneur’s Program (Rising Star Award, 1st), received sponsoring from Pwc and a place in a start-up accelerator. Outside of work, Estelle composes piano pieces, writes lyrics, and sings in a funk & disco band.

One fact

I love capturing emotions and transforming them into musical forms. A white page can feel overwhelming but with songwriting, you must stick to a flow and limit yourself to a few words. I find this framework helps with creation, as it forces you to explore new language combinations. Interestingly, children can struggle to express themselves through art on a blank paper; but when you draw a circle in the center and ask them to draw inside, things become interesting…

NMD Pharma | Inkef

NMD Pharma is a small molecule drug discovery company that develops novel treatments of neuromuscular disorders. Its approach of blocking ClC-1 improves neuromuscular transmission in a way that is potentially applicable to a range of clinical indications and orphan human diseases that have profound unmet medical need.

Onward | Inkef

ONWARD is creating technologies to improve the movement, independence, and health of people with spinal cord injury. The company is based in Eindhoven, NL and Lausanne, CH and has a growing presence in Boston, US. Two of ONWARD’s technologies have been awarded Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA. Onward was listed on Euronext in October 2021.

TargED Biopharmaceuticals | Inkef

TargED Biopharmaceuticals B.V. is a biotechnology company that develops first-in-class biological drugs to improve treatment of thrombosis. Their technology using small antibodies to deliver enzymes to sites of thrombosis, enabling ‘targeted’ thrombolysis. The lead compound is currently under development for thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and Acute Ischemic Stroke.

VarmX | Inkef

VarmX is a spin out of Leiden University Medical Center. Its lead program is an innovative antidote for life-threatening bleeding in the ever growing number of patients under Factor Xa anticoagulant treatment. VarmX is also developing new technologies to address risks from new classes of anticoagulants.