Frank Lansink

Senior Partner
Frank Lansink | Inkef
My journey

For the past two decades, Frank has founded, built and led multiple Technology companies through various stages of rapid growth. The last 11 years, he served on the Executive board of IPsoft, Inc., a global leader in Intelligent Automation Software and Conversational AI (, being responsible as CEO for EMEA and later as Chief Strategy Officer for the Group. Earlier, he cofounded several technology companies including a European leader in Logistics & Retail Software and an international Digital Agency. He holds a number of advisorships to help Entrepreneurs achieve real results. Frank is a graduate of the Haarlem Business School and followed an MBA program at the University in Amsterdam. As a digital optimist, he is fascinated by technology innovation as the only bridge between science fiction and today is time.

One fact

As a kid, I always wanted to become an artist but felt the monetary side less compelling. Later on, I realized that building and creating companies is also a form of artist expression that requires a lot of passion & creativity. My first company during College, in Artisan wooden toys, felt like a great concept but market introduction was only 20 years off to ride the sustainability wave.

Aidence | Inkef

Aidence is a company that is bringing the full potential of AI into the hands of medical professionals in medical imaging and disease detection. The company was acquired by RadNet in 2022.

Baserow | Inkef

Baserow is an open-source, no-code database. As an API-first solution, Baserow can be integrated with every tool needed to build a no-code stack. Baserow is on a mission to build the world’s first open-source, all-in-one, no-code toolchain.

ChannelEngine | Inkef

ChannelEngine connects seller systems to international marketplaces and sales channels while optimizing sales, minimizing time, and maximizing profit and reach. It offers brands, distributors, and retailers automated order and return systems, an advanced management suite and rich partner ecosystem, to bring their sales to the next level.

Happeo | Inkef

Happeo is the community-powered employee communications platform that Internal Communications, HR and leaders use to align and engage talent. Happeo serves customers in every continent and is on a mission to change the way companies communicate internally.

Lengoo | Inkef

Lengoo is a language tech company whose full-stack technology HALOS enables enterprises to build their own custom language models making the most out of their proprietary data while adhering with state-of-the-art IT security standards.

Remote | Inkef

Remote is the modern global payroll, tax, HR and compliance solution for distributed teams. Remote enables companies of all sizes to hire anyone, anywhere in the world in minutes. Remote’s mission is to bring remote cultures closer so that people and companies can grow further.

Robin Radar | Inkef

Robin develops innovative radar systems for detection, tracking and classification of small targets, such as drones or birds.

Urban Sports Club | Inkef

Urban Sports Club offers a flexible flat-rate sports membership. Club members can choose from 50+ activities – ranging from classic gym workout, swimming, yoga, or bouldering, to team sports and lots more – and more than 7,000 partner venues across Europe.