Laura Waldenstrӧm

Laura Waldenstrӧm | Inkef
My journey

Laura fell in love with tech investing on day one. She has a particular passion for startups enabling companies to become data driven, building the “Future of Commerce” or revolutionizing industrial industries. Before moving into VC, she spent most of her career in operating roles in the scale-up and start-up world. She was a co-founder of the market intelligence platform, Previro, and before that, growing the knowledge broking firm AlphaSights’, business across the Nordic markets. She started her career in consulting in international trade and development. She is a graduated from Lund University with a B.Sc. in Business and Economics and a M.Sc. in Strategic and Financial Management. Outside of work, Laura is a true foodie and enjoys hitting the tennis court or ski slopes.

One fact

On the back of my CV there is an array of sales roles. From the age of 10, I’ve sold anything from salami sausages to razor blade subscriptions and energy contracts, spent numerous hours knocking doors, in call centers and chasing people on the high street. I always encourage young people to start working in sales and service roles early on; you’ll develop skills you’ll use for the rest of your life.

Baserow | Inkef

Baserow is an open-source, no-code database. As an API-first solution, Baserow can be integrated with every tool needed to build a no-code stack. Baserow is on a mission to build the world’s first open-source, all-in-one, no-code toolchain.

ChannelEngine | Inkef

ChannelEngine connects seller systems to international marketplaces and sales channels while optimizing sales, minimizing time, and maximizing profit and reach. It offers brands, distributors, and retailers automated order and return systems, an advanced management suite and rich partner ecosystem, to bring their sales to the next level.

Happeo | Inkef

Happeo is the community-powered employee communications platform that Internal Communications, HR and leaders use to align and engage talent. Happeo serves customers in every continent and is on a mission to change the way companies communicate internally.

Onefit | Inkef

Founded in 2012, OneFit offers a market-leading subscription service that allows users to attend any local fitness class or gym for a flat monthly fee. Users have access to the largest network of boutique gyms and studios in the Netherlands. The company was acquired by Urban Sport Club in 2019.

Withlocals | Inkef

Withlocals is an online marketplace for travelers and locals to connect. The platform lets locals create personal and unique travel experiences for travelers, earn their fair share by doing what they love, and gives travelers authentic experiences and stories to share with their friends and families.