Marcos Casado Murillo

My journey

Before joining Inkef in September 2022, Marcos worked as an investment analyst at Inveready and as a business creation project officer with EIT Health Spain. These positions allowed him to gain valuable experience working with companies in the therapeutics, digital health, and medtech sectors within the European ecosystem. With a background in biochemistry from the University of Barcelona and a master’s degree in business administration, oriented towards the biotech industry, Marcos is well-equipped to understand the challenges and opportunities facing innovative healthcare companies. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, spending time in nature, and exploring new places in the city and abroad.

One fact

I’ve always had a soft spot for animals and the mere thought of eating them would make me faint. That’s why some time ago I decided to adopt a plant-based diet and have been exploring sustainable and delicious plant-based recipes since. Eating plant-based helps me stay healthy and reduces my environmental footprint. Also, I heard good things about insect-based diets.

Draupnir Bio | Inkef

Draupnir Bio is a Danish biotechnology company developing small molecule therapeutics to transform the treatment of heart disease, based on proprietary structural insights and the biology of PCSK9, a protein that enables a key step in the control of plasma cholesterol levels.