Mirella Tempelaars

Operations Manager
Mirella Tempelaars | Inkef
My journey

Mirella Tempelaars has been Inkef’s Operations Manager from Day 1, and has a comprehensive grasp of all our administration, marketing and HR. Previously, Mirella was a partner at Praktisch Werkt, where she provided vital back-office support to young start-ups. Mirella understands the organizational dynamics of all Inkef’s partners. Mirella has also held various operational positions at companies like Lextone and FundPartners, an investment arm started by NIB Capital.

One fact

I was quite clumsy as a young child and often bumped into things because of looking back at something – I even once crashed into a lamppost while skating. Fortunately, I was able to convert my clumsiness into a sporting hobby and have been since passionate about athletics. In 2014 I ran the marathon in Amsterdam and the following year in New York. Which marathon will be next?