Reitze Douma

Managing Partner
My journey

For more than 25 years Reitze has worked for several companies: Philips Electronics, Rabobank, NIBC, PGGM Investments, APG Asset Management. Reitze has held various positions as risk manager, audit manager, controller, investment manager and fiduciary manager. Within investment management he has managed hedge fund and private equity portfolios. Reitze has also experience in product development, business development and project management. Reitze likes to guide change in a company. He holds a Registered Accountant from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Reitze enjoys living in Zwolle, and loves ice speed skating and cycling.

One fact

I’ve learned to move. In sports and in my career. I skated a few times the 200 km Weissensee and ran a marathon back in 2007. Training, perseverance and courage are essential in achieving your goals. It has taught me that work-life balance is essential in doing your work. Change enriches your career and keeps you fit. You learn more about yourself and about working together.