Tim Strüven

Tim Strüven | Inkef
My journey

Tim joined Inkef in September 2023 as an Associate on the Technology investment team. He holds an M.SC. degree in business from Humboldt University Berlin and completed a part of his Master’s program at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Tim’s professional journey within the finance industry has been within various sectors, including corporate banking, audit, and venture capital, all of which were based in his hometown of Berlin.

Beyond his professional life, Tim is an accomplished hockey player. Over many years, he competed in the Bundesliga and other top European leagues. This unique journey allowed him to live in the Netherlands, Spain, and England while successfully balancing his passion for sports with his career ambitions.

One fact

In addition to my dedication to work and sports, one of my great obsessions is coffee. If you’d like to engage in discussions about the latest startup news after analyzing the most recent basketball results, and find out whether you or I can create better Latte Art, feel free to shoot me a message!